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Initial Consult

(Online or in person)

$120 AUD
60 mins

Initial consults involve thorough case taking and fact finding, along with the opportunity to outline your goals and aspirations of your treatment.

Exploring your health history, diet, lifestyle and current health picture, will allow for a better understanding of how your health has come to be and the root cause of disease. Initial consults may include further testing to get a baseline of what is going on pathologically.


If a supplement, herbal medicine or other treatment is appropriate, this may be prescribed (for an extra fee). Individualised initial recommendations will also be included post consult.

Herbs and Minerals

Treatment Plan Delivery

(Online or in person)

$90 AUD
45 mins

Treatment plan delivery consults, usually occur two weeks after the initial consult and outline a comprehensive health care plan for the patient. 

We will go over the treatment plan together, allowing for any questions, queries or changes along the way.

Treatment plans are detailed and outline dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine and or nutraceutical supplementation suggestions, specific to the individual client.

Green Goodness

Follow Up Consult

(Online or in person )

$60 AUD
30 mins

Follow up consults are a great way to check in with how things are progressing, improve areas of opportunity and reset any health goals.


Follow ups may involve, altering any existing herbal prescriptions, re-testing pathology results and addressing any new health complaints. Consults run for approximately 30 minutes, with any questions being answered along the way.


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